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"The Portable Nöla: Volumes I, II, & III"


This digital-only release is available in a variety of formats at https://lapin.bandcamp.com/album/the-portable-n-la-volumes-i-ii-iii

THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL RELEASE. You will receive a download code.

An expanded 72 track collection of non-album songs, unreleased demos, instrumentals, and more. An included digital booklet contains vital information.

Volume I: "Vanity & Ventriloquism"
Volume II: "Down Empty Halls"
Volume III: "Old World Passing Away"

Recorded between 2006 and 2019.

This collection includes the following EP's:
"Songs For Children" (2008)
"Songs For Children 2" (2009)
"Atomic Pastorale" (2016)
"Your Mother Atlantis" (previously unreleased)

All songs by Nöla except:
"Wavelength In Your Tower" and "Freedom's Little Baby" - Stavo Craft "First We Take Manhattan" and "Dance Me To The End Of Love" - Leonard Cohen
"Sandra Lindsey" - David E. Williams
"I'm Glad I Never..." - Lee Hazlewood
"I Want To Live In A Wigwam" - Cat Stevens
"As Time Goes By" - Herman Hupfeld
"Gloomy Sunday" - László Jávor
"The Grass Is Always Browner" - Douglas P.
"Randy Scouse Git" - Mickey Dolenz
"The German" - Lloyd James
"Spider And I" - Brian Eno
"The Crumbs Are The Cure" - Dustin Rooney
"Algo Que No Se Puede Romper" - Demian

For the residents of the purple house.

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