David Bowie: 1947-2016

What horrible news today. Death often makes you think "what am I doing with my time"? But he was one of the few who made you think that while he was still alive... a constant warning against stagnation, thinking narrowly, leaving stones unturned. An artistic explosion if there ever was one.

On a personal note, David Bowie was the first great artist I paid attention to and he's remained the greatest fascination since. There would certainly be no Lapin without his influence. I can only wonder what more boring direction my mind would have gone to without him intervening. For many others, I'm sure this is the case. He changed more than music but awoke something out of the human race that nobody else was looking for and elevated us to a higher level.

His new album is a conceptual masterpiece. Listening to it several times this weekend, I hadn't picked up on the obvious. Listening again this morning was incredible. What a way to go out.

You'll echo forever. Enjoy immortality, wherever you are...


Look at this genius ponder his imminent death: