Out now on Disques de Lapin... "Animal Soul" and "Animal Clouds" by Thomas Nöla & the Black Hole

Thomas Nöla & the Black Hole - "Animal Soul" LP
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"Animal Soul" contains 11 songs seemingly from different continents and different times. Some from the peak of Kilimanjaro, others from an ancient American plain, others still maybe from a Vietnamese jungle... some from nowhere at all. Each randomly mixed splatter vinyl LP is housed in a hand-printed chipboard jacket with a lyrics sheet and download card.

A1 - That Zebra Zeal
A2 - Violet Renard
A3 - Scarecrow
A4 - Brasilite
A5 - Dome
B1 - Secret Magic
B2 - Tipi
B3 - Irrelevant Shapes
B4 - Dray Horse
B5 - Animals As Children
B6 - Yellow River

Encore - I Want To Live In A Wigwam (digital only)

"Animal Clouds"
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"Animal Clouds" consists of instrumental mood music on a limited edition colored cassette housed in a hand-printed chipboard arigatopak with a digital download.

A1 - Dutch Architecture
A2 - Mineral Life
A3 - Añil
A4 - Giraffes In Denmark
A5 - Fear Of Wind
A6 - Yoshimoto
B1 - Tropic Of Scorpio
B2 - The Dragline
B3 - Black Owl Wax
B4 - Hidden Life Of Slumber
B5 - On Vardo Cloud
B6 - African Islands

Here are some other samples from these albums...

Both albums are available in Le Shoppe. If you'd prefer a digital download or to pay with Paypal, try the Lapin Bandcamp.

Thomas Nöla will be performing an album release concert tonight at Jacques Underground, Boston along with an outdoor festival in Northern Vermont in August and in Philadelphia in September.