Eskimo/Lapin leaps into the new year with wild abandon...

By Dandiford Lion

After 1 solid year of life in its new home of Vermont, USA, artist enclave Eskimo/Lapin announces news of a propitious nature this New Years Eve...

ITEM ONE: Disques de Lapin, in self-celebration of its 10 year anniversary in 2016, announces the birthday explosion entitled DECADE DE LAPIN. This one day festival will take place on Saturday April 2nd at the Hooker-Dunham Theater of downtown Brattleboro, VT. Acts confirmed to perform are David E. Williams, Destroying Angel, Jawzwa, Jerome Deppe, Oval Portraits, Polly Eurothane, Thomas Nöla and Wisteriax (along with an unnamed surprise performer). I, Dandy Lion, shall be the events master of ceremony. Admission is $10 for the entire day. Formal attire is requested.

Why not purchase your ticket today?

ITEM TWO: To further celebrate this illustrious milestone, Disques de Lapin shall also be releasing a birthday compilation entitled "The Official Disques de Lapin 10 Year Anniversary Kit For Homes w/Instruction Manual". It will undoubtedly be overflowing with your favorite underground musical sensations. This limited edition, cassette-based kit will be released on April 2nd at DECADE DE LAPIN. All the more reason to attend.


ITEM THE THIRD: An enigmatic self-titled cassette release by Polly Black will also see the light of day this April 2nd. No further explanation will be provided at this time.


ITEM D: Thomas Nöla will conclude his animal trilogy this February 5th with an exhibition of prints and other images entitled ANIMAL GEOMETRY at Brattleboro's Brink Gallery. Featuring screen prints, linocuts, illustrations and paintings from the last 18 months, ANIMAL GEOMETRY opens on the First Friday walk and remains on display through February.  The Brink Gallery is located at 14 Elliot St. Brattleboto, VT. More details are HERE.


Golly, that's a whole lotta news to digest. I'm going to go back to my cage and ponder it all. Talk to you soon.

Yours in Zeus,
Dandy Lion