John Murphy - 11.VII.59 - 11.X.15

It was a pleasure knowing you and sharing a few stories and meals. We tip our hats to you. - Lapin

Please see the release note below from John's group KnifeLadder. All sales of this album will go to help his wife Annie pay funeral costs along with other likely costs to come:

As some of you will already be aware, our great friend and co-conspirator John Murphy passed away over the weekend. He provided us not only his percussive power and inspirational improvisation with electronics, synthesisers, loop pedals, guitars, bells, scrap metal, Kaoss pads – whatever he could get his hands on – but a genuine passion for all music, an infectious laugh and smile that would light any room he was in. Anyone meeting John could not forget him (or his tales – tall and otherwise). He never asked for much – just a chance to compose, create and perform. A true artist. He leaves us with a wealth of music spanning five decades but also leaves a huge chasm in the wide circle of friends and musicians in which he moved. Amongst those, his lovely wife Annie.

And it is for this reason that we are releasing an album for which ALL proceeds will be provided to enable her to pay for funeral costs, medical bills and to support her over the comings weeks and months. “This World on Fire” was several years in the making and due to be released and toured early 2016 – something he was very much looking forward to. Some tracks made appearances in earlier albums but these are all exclusive, original pieces and feature the wide array of talents John possessed. For reasons of expediency this is a download only release but is available in high quality lossless formats as well as MP3. There is a fixed price for the album however you are free, and encouraged, to pay as much as you like in order to help us provide Annie with as much help and support as we can provide in any way we can.
John will be greatly missed.

All hail the God-King!
Andrew & Hunter