"Only Old World" + EuroLapin

From the album "After Horse". 

Cameras: Brett Robinson

With thanks to Hooker-Dunham Theater and Latchis Theatre of Brattleboro, VT



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Out today: "After Horse" and "Maia Convoy"

Thomas Nöla - After Horse & Ô Paradis - Maia Convoy

Thomas Nöla - "AFTER HORSE"

CD arigatopak/download

After Horse = music for after hours. Recorded throughout 2016 using a variety of formats, from analog reel-to-reel, digital multitracking and cassette collage, After Horse is Nöla's sparsest, most organic album to date. The album features instruments familiar to past Nöla albums (such as piano, classical guitar and cello), with notable cameos by singing drum, harp, brass and bagpipes. 

After Horse comes as a compact disque in a screen printed black arigatopak with a lyrics sheet, or as a Lapin Bandcamp download.

"After Horse"
from 12.00
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  1. After Horse

  2. Bewilder

  3. Gilabbey Terrace

  4. Daydream Hill

  5. Anomie

  6. Only Old World

  7. Ignore The Ghost

  8. Our Material Dreams

  9. Life Of The Fly

  10. Empty Room

  11. The Mink

  12. Slip Into The Night


Ô Paradis - "MAIA CONVOY"

CD wallet/download

"The rooks, do not leave their flight to chance, but we can not decipher that omen. Any repentance or aspiration is already useless. Just sit in a wagon of the "Maya Convoy" and let yourself be observed for eternity on the other side of the window. We have failed in the existential quest, but it was precious to ask the question. Once again, Ô Paradis, invites you to travel through the uncertainty of this mystery, which is amazing to contemplate being alive."

Ô Paradis - "Maia Convoy"
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Maia Convoy comes as a CD wallet or digitally through the Lapin Bandcamp.



  1. En Orbita
  2. El Suelo Ajado
  3. El Viejo Cuero
  4. La Hoguera
  5. La Vuelta Logica
  6. Ventanas
  7. Cualquier Distancia
  8. Serpiente Convoy
  9. Verlo Pasar
  10. Paskutine Diena

New free digital 45 from upcoming Thomas Nöla album out now.


The title track to the upcoming Thomas Nöla album After Horse is available for free download directly from eskimofilms.com.

The song "After Horse" comes with the b-side "Ignore The Ghost" (alternate mix), another song from the album.

The album After Horse will have a premiere performance on Thursday evening, March 2nd at Light Club Lamp Shop, Burlington, VT.


Out today: Drwiwy - "Cyrk Biezzahanny"

"Cyrk Biezzahanny" by Drwiwy
from 9.00

CD-R or cassette

Drwiwy - the band of Artsiom Vileita & Sergey Tsurankov from the very wilds of Belarus with their second album “Cyrk Biezzahanny” out on Disques de Lapin label (USA, Vermont) on November 4th 2016. Only drwiwasc!

"Cyrk Biezzahanny" is available as a CD-R arigatopak, cassette arigatopak or digitally through the LAPIN BANDCAMP.

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Dave & Jerry - "Almost Alive In Two Zero One FIve" OUT NOW

Available now directly from the DAVID E. WILLIAMS BANDCAMP is the limited edition vinyl release of David E. Williams and Jerome Deppe's "Almost Alive in Two Zero One Five" (also available as a digital download).

ALMOST ALIVE IN TWO ZERO ONE FIVE is a studio document of Jerome Deppe and David E. Williams performing together in a 4-piece band with Tristan Deppe on bass and some electric guitar and Justin Dorsey on percussion. This unit had two live shows in the Fall / Winter of 2014, one in New York and one in Philadelphia. The repertoire was a mix of older songs from both Jerome and David, as well as new compositions and covers.

1. Alone
2. Ballad of the Green Mountain Boys
3. Dead Horses
4. Famous
5. Kill Your Friends
6. Kill Yourself in Cape May
7. Onion Tree
8. A Patch of Fog in Purgatory
9. Pentecost
10. Pumpernickel Crust
11. Salvation
12. Vinegar Stew 

Includes digital pre-order of Almost Alive in Two Zero One Five. You get 2 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it's released.

Available directly from the DAVID E. WILLIAMS BANDCAMP.