Ekra is Davide Borghi (Albireon, The Blue Project) most experimental and intimate project.

Ekra, named after an eerie fictional character of a novel, it is an outlet for heartfelt ambient experimentation, toys childish music, naive broken folk parts and destroyed and deranged symphonic pieces.

Songs are usually conceived, recorded in mixed in short sessions in order to keep expressive purity and improvisation is widely used to convey whispers from sometimes distant memories, or nervous breakdown screams due to lack of coffee.

Despite starting with some private recordings for Ekra in early 2004, a proper debut album was released by brave Disques De Lapin only in 2011 under the title of “Pills For An Ill Silly Heart”, followed 4 years later by “A Shelter For Stolen Teddybears” on Italian experimental label Looney-Tick.

Few Ekra tracks were featured in digital download benefit compilations like “Noisemilia” for the victims of the Emilia-Romagna Earthquake in 2012, or “Zena Rising” to help people affected by the Genoa Flooding in 2014.

Davide collaborates with French painter Fabrice Billard and Italian photographer Lorenzo Borghi for Ekra’s records artworks.

The future of Ekra is uncertain, but so is life, so nothing to really worry about…


2011 - “Pills For An Ill Silly Heart” pro-cdr (Disques De Lapin)

2015 - “A Shelter For Stolen Teddybears” pro-cdr (Looney-Tick Productions)


Contacts : d.borghi1@virgilio.it

"Pills For An Ill Silly Heart"
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