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The Official Disques de Lapin 10 Year Anniversary Kit For Homes w/Instruction Manual


Celebrate 10 years of Disques de Lapin with this cassette-based kit. Coming in a screen printed pink envelope, this cassette includes nearly 2 hours of music, a pin and an informative instruction manual.

A1. Comando Suzie - “Retiro Espiritual”
A2. 1997EV - “The Seventh Summer’s Time Capsule”
A3. Jerome Deppe - “If I Were a Carpenter – Timothy Leary 2016 mix”
A4. David E. Williams - “Suicide Skyline (Method 1)”
A5. Destroying Angel - “Glistening Streets”
A6. Ekra - “A Sad Dream Within A Sad Dream”
A7. Nature Morte - “Liées”
A8. Escama Serrada - “El Mundo de la Razón”
A9. Naevus - “Sail Away” (early version)
A10. Ô Paradis - “Sombras"
A11. Les Paradisiers - “Electric Lizard Lounge”
A12. Microloop - “Niho”

B1. Brett Robinson - “Tuttle's Rustic House”
B2. Galactic Witchcraft - “Strange Birds”
B3. Jawzwa - “From Crest To Crust”
B4. Twink - “The Return of Doctor Eelsleeves"
B5. Commodore Schmidlapp - “Malaise”
B6. Petrograde - “Minos”
B7. Thomas Nöla - “Dance Me To The End Of Love”
B8. Sexy Naked Wolves - “Sometimes”
B9. Oval Portraits - “Sunday With Jacky”
B10. Polly Eurothane - ”Cuimhneacháin Coinín”
B11. Dandy Lion - “Hello”
B12. Radioactive Prostitute - “Powdery Bubbles”
B13. Retarder - “Dead Numbers”
B14. Wisteriax - “Forever Glowing Bones: A woeful ode to the Radium Girls"

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