"2day's Adventures In 2morrow"

by Dandy Lion

Entertainer and Ventrilo-American Dandiford Y. Lion explodes onto your stereo with his debut EP 2day's Adventures In 2morrow. A short album from a short artist. Free to listen and download.

1. The Entertainer
2. That's How I Feel
3. Hello
4. Always On My Mind
5. Suspicious Minds

Vocals, sequencing & creative MIDI downloading procedures - Dandiford Y. Lion

"The Entertainer": composed by Scott Joplin, decomposed by Dandy Lion
"That's How I Feel": written & performed by Dandy Lion; Backing vocals by Yva E.
"Hello": written by Lionel Richie
"Always on My Mind": written by Wayne Carson, Johnny Christopher, Mark James
"Suspicious Minds": written by Mark James

Recorded live at Vladimir's Executive Karaoke Lounge in Bangkok at an unspecified date, before arrest.