David Bowie: 1947-2016

What horrible news today. Death often makes you think "what am I doing with my time"? But he was one of the few who made you think that while he was still alive... a constant warning against stagnation, thinking narrowly, leaving stones unturned. An artistic explosion if there ever was one.

On a personal note, David Bowie was the first great artist I paid attention to and he's remained the greatest fascination since. There would certainly be no Lapin without his influence. I can only wonder what more boring direction my mind would have gone to without him intervening. For many others, I'm sure this is the case. He changed more than music but awoke something out of the human race that nobody else was looking for and elevated us to a higher level.

His new album is a conceptual masterpiece. Listening to it several times this weekend, I hadn't picked up on the obvious. Listening again this morning was incredible. What a way to go out.

You'll echo forever. Enjoy immortality, wherever you are...


Look at this genius ponder his imminent death: 

Eskimo/Lapin leaps into the new year with wild abandon...

By Dandiford Lion

After 1 solid year of life in its new home of Vermont, USA, artist enclave Eskimo/Lapin announces news of a propitious nature this New Years Eve...

ITEM ONE: Disques de Lapin, in self-celebration of its 10 year anniversary in 2016, announces the birthday explosion entitled DECADE DE LAPIN. This one day festival will take place on Saturday April 2nd at the Hooker-Dunham Theater of downtown Brattleboro, VT. Acts confirmed to perform are David E. Williams, Destroying Angel, Jawzwa, Jerome Deppe, Oval Portraits, Polly Eurothane, Thomas Nöla and Wisteriax (along with an unnamed surprise performer). I, Dandy Lion, shall be the events master of ceremony. Admission is $10 for the entire day. Formal attire is requested.

Why not purchase your ticket today?

Decade de Lapin ticket
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ITEM TWO: To further celebrate this illustrious milestone, Disques de Lapin shall also be releasing a birthday compilation entitled "The Official Disques de Lapin 10 Year Anniversary Kit For Homes w/Instruction Manual". It will undoubtedly be overflowing with your favorite underground musical sensations. This limited edition, cassette-based kit will be released on April 2nd at DECADE DE LAPIN. All the more reason to attend.


ITEM THE THIRD: An enigmatic self-titled cassette release by Polly Black will also see the light of day this April 2nd. No further explanation will be provided at this time.


ITEM D: Thomas Nöla will conclude his animal trilogy this February 5th with an exhibition of prints and other images entitled ANIMAL GEOMETRY at Brattleboro's Brink Gallery. Featuring screen prints, linocuts, illustrations and paintings from the last 18 months, ANIMAL GEOMETRY opens on the First Friday walk and remains on display through February.  The Brink Gallery is located at 14 Elliot St. Brattleboto, VT. More details are HERE.


Golly, that's a whole lotta news to digest. I'm going to go back to my cage and ponder it all. Talk to you soon.

Yours in Zeus,
Dandy Lion

John Murphy - 11.VII.59 - 11.X.15

It was a pleasure knowing you and sharing a few stories and meals. We tip our hats to you. - Lapin

Please see the release note below from John's group KnifeLadder. All sales of this album will go to help his wife Annie pay funeral costs along with other likely costs to come:

As some of you will already be aware, our great friend and co-conspirator John Murphy passed away over the weekend. He provided us not only his percussive power and inspirational improvisation with electronics, synthesisers, loop pedals, guitars, bells, scrap metal, Kaoss pads – whatever he could get his hands on – but a genuine passion for all music, an infectious laugh and smile that would light any room he was in. Anyone meeting John could not forget him (or his tales – tall and otherwise). He never asked for much – just a chance to compose, create and perform. A true artist. He leaves us with a wealth of music spanning five decades but also leaves a huge chasm in the wide circle of friends and musicians in which he moved. Amongst those, his lovely wife Annie.

And it is for this reason that we are releasing an album for which ALL proceeds will be provided to enable her to pay for funeral costs, medical bills and to support her over the comings weeks and months. “This World on Fire” was several years in the making and due to be released and toured early 2016 – something he was very much looking forward to. Some tracks made appearances in earlier albums but these are all exclusive, original pieces and feature the wide array of talents John possessed. For reasons of expediency this is a download only release but is available in high quality lossless formats as well as MP3. There is a fixed price for the album however you are free, and encouraged, to pay as much as you like in order to help us provide Annie with as much help and support as we can provide in any way we can.
John will be greatly missed.

All hail the God-King!
Andrew & Hunter

Twink - "Dust Bunny" out now...


With glockenspiel & mini trombone, Twink explodes onto your turntable with his first vinyl release. Comes on random splatter vinyl.

  1. Emberglow
  2. Thistle Bliss
  3. Hem & Haw
  4. Fox Tuft
  5. Salt Circle
  6. Pipper Snitch
  7. Whirl Wisp
  8. Sun Drizzle
  9. Sparklemuffin
  10. Whale Speck
  11. Fossil Blossom

A Closer Listen
Yeah I Know It Sucks
Boston Hassle
Boston Becomes Eclectic

Also available digitally via the Twink Bandcamp.

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Somewhere in Vermont sounds happened...

by Randy Lion

8.31.2015 - VERMONT, USA - Randy Lion reporting here from the rolling mountains of Vermont. As one of the live music correspondents for The Lapin Herald, I am often asked (if not compelled by the threat of having my employment terminated) to attend concerts and report back on my reactions in text form. Today is one of those circumstances.

Despite the desire of the inhabitants to remain asleep, this bird signaled a new day in the stereotypical manner of his ilk.

Despite the desire of the inhabitants to remain asleep, this bird signaled a new day in the stereotypical manner of his ilk.

My limo arrived at the private confines of the Summer's Wane festival Friday afternoon and as the chauffeur opened my door, I put down my glass of Cristal and looked out at the many trees and wild, naturesque things creeping about. Mr. Bundlesworth told me that he would park in the parking lot reserved for the press and pointed me in the direction of the VIP area.

"Coming through, reporter coming through," I stated, while swiping at anyone standing between me and the center of the action. I had a story to cover and the niceties of human courtesies were, to me, a luxury that I could not afford.

I met a man wearing a festooned vest and cutoff shorts.

"Tell me, what's the crux of this weekend's activities? Feel free to use your coarse man-about-town parlance." It was with this request that the man in question fled for a goblet of wine. I summoned Bundlesworth to erect a tent for shelter purposes. I would take the tent for myself while he waited at the ready in the limo at all times with the engine running. Just in case.

Humans gathered in a sort of "amuse me with your arranged sound and words" attitude.

Humans gathered in a sort of "amuse me with your arranged sound and words" attitude.

A communal dinner began in the early evening with people eating a bit of this, a bit of that. You know what eating is. I needn't elaborate. Music began shortly after with a variety of fine folks performing fine folk. A bodhran here, a violin there, the human vocal chords creating sounds and conveying ideas. Again, you know what music is.

There were great acts... The Change, Not Work, The Hindenburg Child, Cult of Kids. I give them all high marks. The night crescendoed with DJ Janet Aldi's spinning and a large explosion, if I remember correctly. Then the attendants retired to a night of slumber and possibly a morning of alcohol induced dehydration sickness. 

On Saturday, I made my way out of the tent and past a trio of chickens who hovered godlike above me, eyeing me like a trough of whatever chickens eat. "Scram, birds. I've got a music and culture festival to review for a periodical."

The land was beginning to wake and fast-breaking procedures were engaged to avoid starvation. Soon enough, more music began. Included in the early part of the day was a singer songwriter from Annapolis, I beleive... Jeremy Deep was his name. Loved it. Later came Tommy Nylon and later still was Disorganizing Cherub, I think. Some great acts followed... Bedtime, The Bloody Moons, Karma Ripper and The Profound Knight. Loved each one of them. Some guy named Davey Wilson came up and started singing about how much he admired Robert Mugabe. Gotta be honest, that was inappropriate (though, I bought the album).

Next up was an act from Oslo, Denmark: The Moon And A Wand. Fearing that his act would shame me with its brilliance, I spiked his lemonade with severe hallucinogens and told him it was a vitamin drink I made. Despite the poisoning, his performance closed the night on a note of victory.

In a state of confused frustration, I wandered the nearby woods in pitch black darkness until the dawn came and I realized what I was doing. I found my way back to the grounds of Summer’s Wane. “What’s to eat!” I stated, regardless of the fact that it should have been in question form.

“Nothing for you, pygmy,” replied the cook. “Where’s your wristband?”

“I’m with the press, no need for me to pay the required entrance fee.”

“To the contrary. Pay up, just like everyone else,” they replied.

“Did those dogs have to pay to get in?” I retorted.

These dogs were very well behaved and completely quiet.

These dogs were very well behaved and completely quiet.

“Indeed. Pay up. And while you’re at it, put on some pants. This isn’t that kind of festival.”

Noticing my misreading of the situation vis-a-vis payment for a ticket and the nudity faux pas, I sprinted over to Bundlesworth and leapt into the back of the limo.

“Hit the gas, peon! We’ve gotta split.”

As we drive the backroads of Vermont, looking for the correct route back to Lapin Acres but too proud to ask for directions, I reflect back on Summer's Wane with fondness, hunger and (now) pants. Reporting for The Lapin Herald, I am still Randy Lion.

Owl bet you wish you attended.

Owl bet you wish you attended.

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