1. "Memorias"
2. "The Portable Nöla"
3. T-Shirts
4. More dasLapin
5. ...
6. Live Happenings
7. Paintings
8. "Closer To God"
9. Reviews
10. The Muskets
11. "The Doctor" Soundtrack
12. To Come?



Hello again,

What a queer season that was. Up in this small piece of land jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean known as Salem, Old Man Winter thought it would be fun to torture us. So be it, old man. Little did you know that we enjoy such weather. We survived it and now we'll be planting beets and cabbages in the garden to spite you.

It is in that spirit that we welcome Spring. Many say flowery things about this season, even literally. We're no different, but we'll keep that language to ourselves. Let's merely say that we look forward to entering the aforementioned garden and seeing what we can make shoot out of the earth. Let's be frank... radishes shall come.

But there's more than just nature to talk about today. Lapin and Eskimo have been busy. Take a look below at the many things we arranged for during hibernation.


1. "Memorias"

Disques de Lapin has just recently released a collection of newly-recorded songs by Ô Paradis entitled Memorias. The songs featured on this release were originally recorded on past Ô Paradis albums, but are re-recorded here from scratch in a new sort of attitude.

"Memorias" de Ô Paradis no esconde ningún secreto, hasta el título es cristalino, ya que es una criba de las canciones más significativas de la banda grabadas de nuevo.

Hasta aquí nada nuevo, y nada nuevo escucharán muchos en este álbum. Pero quien a lo largo de estos quince años haya entendido que la magia de Ô Paradis no radicaba en velar misterios inventados, si no en contar pequeños viajes bajo la mirada sincera del "pirata", que es donde el autor vivió la experiencia de que solo en lo auténtico nos sumergimos en una visión extraordinaria de lo cotidiano, también comprenderá el porqué de esta obra, que no es más que, con un último cuento, cerrar los ojos cansados de un niño que se abandona al sueño de vivir.

Sin pretender dar respuesta a las preguntas que proponía el proyecto, porque es en la pregunta donde nacen y mueren todas las historias, y porque las respuestas solo llenan de vanidad a los que las imponen, Demian despide a su criatura en Disques de Lapin ¿Qué mejor lugar?

1. Luz del Presente
2. Las Vísceras de la Emoción
3. Sexo a la Luna
4. Medio Ángel
5. Las Vias del Viento
6. El Paraíso Perdido
7. Conversaciones Con Uno Mismo
8. Por Cuidar de Mí
9. Algo Que No Se Puede Romper
10. Nada Que Perder
11. Personas
12. No Hay Nadie Más
13. Mi Viejo Trono
14. Palabras
15. Cuande Te Alejas

Limited bonus mini CD-R:
1. Suave
2. La Isla de Barro
3. Monedas
4. Energía Destructiva


This release is available digitally through the Lapin Bandcamp or in physical form in the Shoppe. It shall soon be available to Europeans through Treue um Treue (Germany) and Old Europa Cafe (Italy).





2. "The Portable Nöla"

"The Portable Nöla" consists of 7 years worth of EPs, compilation songs, covers and instrumental outtakes by Thomas Nöla. Included in "The Portable Nöla" are the previously released 2 volumes of "Songs For Children," a standard, and covers by the likes of David E. Williams, Stavo Craft (2, in fact), Naevus, Death In June, Lee Hazlewood, Leonard Cohen and The Monkees.

'Tis available only through the Lapin Bandcamp.

All proceeds from this digital-only release will be donated to the Merwin Animal Clinic of Brighton, MA. More on them here: www.merwinclinic.org






3. T-Shirts

We have made some new T-Shirts and they are available in the Shoppe. Click on a small picture and you'll be brought to a page with a big picture and the ability to buy it.



4. das Lapin Brewhaus

Newly brewed at dasLapin Brewhaus: "Mon Petite Bête Noire"... a complex and dark stout with hints of molasses, cinnamon and more.



5. ...



6. Live Happenings

There was a live performance held at Great Scott, Allston, MA in January featuring Thomas Nöla & the Black Hole. Here are some photos and a video for you to look at.




7. Paintings & Prints

Recently we have added paintings and prints to the Shoppe. They can cover holes in your walls and things of that nature. A treat for the eyes, maybe. Take a look below. Click on an image to see it in the Shoppe.



8. "Closer To God"

Thomas Nöla has recently finished recording the score to a new film by filmmaker Billy Senese entitled "Closer To God." You may be familiar with Mr. Senese's previous short films "Intruder" and "The Suicide Tapes," which Nöla also scored. This new feature length has proved to be Nöla's most ambitious score to date. Look up a bit more on this film HERE. There's also a trailer HERE for your perusal.


This film is set to premiere at the Nashville Film Festival on April 24th.



9. Reviews...

We don't usually post reviews of our disques, but here's a pretty in depth Polish review of 2012's "Monoliths":

And here's a funny review of "Blood Jungle":


10. The Muskets

This July the 4th our friends at Old Europa Cafe (Italy) will be releasing a curious Revolutionary War-themed release including 2 Lapin artists. As they put it:

"Four founders of American Neofolk music celebrate the founding of the American nation with contemporary versions of battle songs from the period.

This album features collaboration between:
And also features a guest appearance by ANDREW KING (King George III)

Goodness. It'll be on 10" vinyl and the cover will look like this:

Stay tuned.



11. "The Doctor" Soundtrack

Originally released in 2006 by Caciocavallio/Soleilmoon, the sountrack to the movie "The Doctor" is now available for high-bitrate, DRM-free download through the Lapin Bandcamp.

This album, the first by Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre, features recurring narrations by Death in June's Douglas P.

Aside from this digital version, a CD digipak and lavish double violet LP version are available in the Shoppe as well.

Treat yourself.





12. To come?

What lies ahead for Eskimo/Lapin? Why, a curious tribute shall be forthcoming this summer. A very special series finale of "Lemmingvision 2000" as well. Likely more. We shall see you then...



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